Gianni's former Versace Mansion restaurant review. Worth it or not?

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My husband and I enjoyed an evening at Gianni's former Versace Mansion. If you saw American Crime Story it is very likely that you recognize this place. Our evening started perfectly with deliciously prepared drinks to loosen up. The only downside was that we had to wait for over an hour to receive our first dish. Then things just went uphill from there with one of the best octopus we've ever tasted as the appetizer. The ambiance was perfect, some live jazz music to keep the mood classy and romantic, and the beautiful traditional decoration blended all together. For main dishes, we had lobster and Mediterranean fish accompanied by salad and eggplant puree, both delicious and well portioned, even though the fish was more remarkable than the lobster. We obviously paired it with one of the many wine bottles that the restaurant offers. A lovely triple chocolate mousse, or should I say a work of art, was our grand closing, to an equally great night. We agreed that this place is a must, not only because of its beautiful venue, or exquisite recipes but also for the friendly service they offer!

You can see Gianni's previous full menu on Versace Mansion here

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