Mr Chow at the W Hotel in South Beach

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On this week's video, we take you with us to Mr. Chow at the W Hotel in South Beach. We started our evening out with a delicious glass of champagne to help us decide what we wanted for dinner. You can choose between a classic two-course dinner, the Mr. Chow or the Beijing duck. Then it was time for the appetizers. While we were enjoying that we got to watch the preparation shows a very interesting way to see how the dishes are actually made. Then it was time for the main dishes. We loved everything: the rice, chicken, and fish were delicious, and the outstanding service made our experience even more unforgettable. They also helped us as fast as they could when Yadi spilled some salsa. We even did a little experiment to see how much time it would take for someone in the staff to help us, and we didn't even have to wait for 5 seconds. To close it all we had a delightful chocolate mousse, a raspberry tart, and exotic fruit. We definitely enjoyed our night at this restaurant, the food was amazing and we felt greatly treated by the service at this place; it was fast, friendly and just flawless, the best we ever had.

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