Geraldine Vilato - The Artist

Artist Statement

The world is full of colors, lines, and shapes. At an early age, I discovered the beauty of art, in which I learn to express my self through lights, darks, and daily colors as well as different tones that reflected my feelings and thoughts. I always saw our planet from a different point of view than everybody else. I’m constantly picturing things with more texture and more details changing the colors and sizes in my imagination. I believe that art is definitely the most exciting way for me to be able to express myself and use my pieces as a representation of my beliefs and thoughts.

Career wise I am the Chief Creative Officer of Chrome Red Corp "creative agency". I define myself as a creator and artist. I like to see life through colors and concepts. My main role as a leader is to identify my team’s strengths and empower them to live up to their full potential. My goal is to always think outside of the box by taking concepts to a new level of creativity and developing new ideas.

Geraldine Vilato


Awards & Recognitions.

City Of Miami: The City of Miami Salutes Geraldine Vilato

The City of Miami wishes to pay tribute to artistic creativity, dynamic entrepreneurship and inspiring success in both radio and television communications, as well as in marketing. From an early age in your native Venezuela, you demonstrated your enormous talents and began to enrich the lives of those around you - a gift and privilege you continue to this date, now in our City of Miami. We value your efforts and achievements, appreciate your enhancement of our community, and encourage you to continue your endeavors. On behalf of our citizens, we pause in our official deliberations to honor your outstanding contributions and to thank you for establishing a wellspring of good will for our City.

Presented on behalf of the City of Miami by 
Tomas P. Regalado Mayor. 
January 8th, 2016.



City Of Doral: Special Recognition of City of Doral

Feb 2016  honor issued city of Doral

As Mayor and on behalf of the City Council and the residents of the City of Doral, I take great pleasure in congratulating Chrome Red Corp and Geraldine Vilato, for their years of Creative work, brand recognition, and marketing expertise, serving as great influencers of our community. 

On this, the 4th day of the month of February 2016. 
Doral Florida. 
Mayor Luigi Boria.